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GSoC Mentoring Starts

So this year, I am mentoring Saurav for the gsoc project, Documentation Extraction and Parsing, which basically continues the work from my last year’s project.

Last year’s project consisted of revamping the documentation extraction API and creating a language-independent class that parses documentation.

A bear was also planned, but it never got merged because of some regressions.

Saurav’s work is to first get a working DocumenatationStyleBear merged. By working, it means it should work as intended on the main coala repos. For keeping it simple, only Python is being supported right now.

Niklas has been a lot of help. I can’t begin to say how he has been very welcoming to both of us, and also has familiarized himself with the documentation parsing codebase in a few days despite being a few days, and has done a lot of code reviews.

I hope, with Saurav’s commitment and Niklas’ guidance, we can get the documentation extraction and parsing working as a proof of concept for atleast two languages.